Aikido 9 kyu vs Jiujitsu 9 kyu

Aikido 9 kyu vs Jiujitsu 9 kyu


Donatello aikido 9 kyu
Properly and immediately (without unnecessary interceptions) to take the enemy’s hand, and without further steps to lay it.
For rent 10 9 kyu kyu.

Tachi waza — Stand with one leg vpreredi other, one hand above the other;
Mae ukemi -Insurance ahead;
Ushiro ukemi — Insurance ago;

Ushiro Tenkan — turn to step back in the transition from Kamala Kibo cottages,
Tsugi ashi — «Substep» machinery movement in Aikido Tachi waza, which begins with a «front» legs.

cugi ashi

Shiho nage — wrenched captured brush, leaving a line of attack, we turned around tanken and laid  uke.

Hiji Kimi Osae, 6 control

hidji kimi osae
Kata dori ikke — Omit the captured brush impose other hand the opponent’s hand, raise the captured brush, twists and turns grasped the hand on the uneven circle (eight), laid opponent.

kata dori ikkeStrokes:
All of Hizo Kamae.

P. preparation:
ann 15,
press 20,
boat 20,
25 sit-ups.

As translated Aikido?
The name of the founder.
The Aikido differs from other styles of martial arts?





Chudan gyaku tsuki
Shomen uchi

Mae geri
Mavashi Geri
Hiji kimi osae
Kata dori ikke
Shiho nage
Ushiro geri

Ayumi ashi
Tsugi ashi


Chudan gyaku tsuki
Jun tsuki
Oroshi tsuki

Mae geri
Mavashi geri

Ayumi ashi
Gedan barai
Nusumi ashi
Shuto uchi uke
Soto harai uke
Soto uke
Tsugi ashi
Uva uke


A9 4-0
Ushiro geri (2)
Shiho nage (2)
Tsuki — Harai uke

J9 4-0
Mae geri — Ayumi ashi
Gyaku tsuki — Tsugi ashi
Mae geri — Tsugi ashi
Mae geri — Tsugi ashi

A9 8-0
Hiji kimi osae (2)
Mae geri (2)
Shomen uchi — Harai uke
Shiho nage — Ayumi ashi

J9 8-2
Gyaku tsuki — Tsugi ashi
Gyaku tsuki — Tsugi ashi
Mae geri (2)

A9 12-2
Shiho nage — Tsugi ashi
Mavashi geri (2)
Mae geri (2)

Donatello Aikido 9 kyu win!

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